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Turning away from sin requires admitting our mistakes, humbling ourselves, and choosing to live in obedience to God.

From that time Jesus began to preach, saying, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”

—Matthew 4:17

Repentance is a process that involves more than just admitting our wrongdoings. It requires us to truly own up to our mistakes by acknowledging them and taking responsibility for them. We must then be willing to change our hearts and minds, which involves a deep level of introspection and self-reflection. This process also requires us to humble ourselves and recognize our dependence on a higher power.

Finally, we must choose to live in obedience to God’s will, which often involves making difficult choices and sacrifices. Ultimately, true repentance requires a genuine desire to turn away from sin and live a life that is pleasing to God.

Thomas Fitzhugh Sheets is a semi-retired 76-year-old businessman who has built a successful career without a college education. He has now retired and moved to Providence Farm, a picturesque estate in the serene Bedford County of Virginia, where he runs a thriving beef cattle operation. He is a man of deep faith blessed with profound insights into the Bible and God’s ways. He has decided to channel his wisdom into writing books that can inspire and educate others on their own spiritual journeys.

On That Day: A Trilogy, authored by Thomas Fitzhugh Sheets, is a fascinating literary work comprising three books. This trilogy was written without knowing how it would all end.

What Is Repentance?

Repentance is sincerely turning away from sin and turning to God for forgiveness with a genuine aspiration to obey His will. It is changing our minds to manifest a change of actions. It delves into acknowledging one’s mistakes and being able to determine rightly in the future. The focus is on God’s will and what He wants us to become.

Turning away from sin means to strengthen our faith in God. When we open our eyes and change our hearts, it is what repentance implies. There must be change. When we ask for forgiveness, we must sincerely regard a positive transformation paving our way to God.

Sin Is Keeping Us From God

Sin is a deliberate transgression of God’s law. It means that we have chosen to be disobedient and have not acted by what is morally right. Repentance is the crucial step we must take to bridge the gap between ourselves and God. Sins do not fade with time unless we are truly sorry and strive to change our ways. 

Sin is rooted in evil, and it is our responsibility to do everything we can to avoid it. When we sin, we tolerate being unfaithful and acting contrary to God’s will.

Avoiding Temptations

Temptations lead us to sin, and so we must overcome them. 

Temptations are everywhere, and often, we are the ones who choose to be in that area without even knowing. Sometimes, we are unable to figure out that temptations involve a pattern, and when we fall into that cycle, it gets hard to get out of that void. 

If we yearn to avoid temptations and sin, we must avoid the situations or the hidden opportunities to sin. Don’t play with the pattern of temptation.

To make it easier for us to identify the pattern, we can reach out to God’s guidance for us to clearly see the obscure path of temptation.

We Can Do Nothing Without God

“Come near to God, and he will come near to you. Wash your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded.”

—James 4:8

As imperfect as we are, we face different temptations almost every day, and being tempted to sin is sometimes challenging for us. However, we have the power to choose whether to give in or not. Whenever we encounter temptations or know we are about to battle a decision between right and wrong, we are reminded to call out to God. Asking for His help through prayer is the key to having a more precise vision between good and evil. God will guide us to the right path where we can think righteously in His accordance.

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