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Everybody is always looking for ways of getting close to God, and with the modern throwing endless distractions at us, it can be challenging to maintain a close relationship with God.

Thomas Fitzhugh Sheets understands how bothersome this kind of dilemma can be. It’s why he wrote his book On That Day: A Trilogy, which shares insights he gained throughout the years. The book comprises three books, The Death of the PromiseThe Ressurection of the Promise, and The Land of the Promise.

Having experienced feeling lost and disconnected from God before, Thomas hopes that readers of his book could reconnect with God and continue cultivating their faiths. With that said, it’s time we present some effective methods that people can do to get close to God.

1. Pray to God by Yourself and Be Hopeful of His Promised Land

The gospel stories depict Jesus on multiple occasions requesting time alone for prayer with the Father. Of course, Jesus, God’s only begotten son, is the best example to follow in developing this excellent habit. We may open our hearts to God during such focused prayer sessions.

We are free to thank God for the abundance of blessings he provides, confess our sins, enjoy God’s presence, or ask Him for forgiveness.

2. Read the Bible Regularly

Much of our faith is founded on the Holy Bible. As He disclosed to the biblical authors, it is God’s Word. The Bible provides us with the knowledge of God, and how we build our relationship with God is based on the things written on it.

We come closer to God and have a stronger connection with Him the more we study the Bible, gain insight from it, and implement it in our lives.

3. Worship and Praise God Using Music

A simple method to connect with the Lord is through worship music. There are a lot of lovely and meaningful songs that discuss God’s magnificence. You can utilize other songs as prayers just like you would your own. But always remember: be selective with the praise songs you choose.

Select songs with melodies you like and lyrics that, most essentially, are biblically accurate and that best convey what you want to communicate. Maybe listen to songs of worship and praise about the land of the promise. Then, praise the Lord with song! You can incorporate it into your everyday quiet time or do it occasionally.

This is one of the best ways of getting close to God. And what makes this method even better is that it can become one of many daily habits to get closer to God.

4. Ways of Getting Close to God: Journaling God’s Blessings and Graces

Due to the fact that we are prone to forgetting things, our memory is fickle. Even if it doesn’t forget the entirety of an event, it frequently fails crucial particulars. Every day, God provides for us in countless ways, most of which are lost.

In order to preserve the memory of these moments, don’t hesitate to use a journal. Doing so will aid you in remembering God’s love, grace, and kindness.

5. Incorporate a Daily Devotional Within Your Everyday Routine

Whenever we pray, we are having a conversation with God. And whenever we sit down to read the Bible, God speaks to us, and we get to know more about Him. It is crucial to link these two spiritual practices in order to deepen our personal connection with the Lord.

You can also incorporate the other recommendations from this post, such as singing worship songs, reflecting on the Bible, spending time by yourself with God, etc. Schedule a period each day that you can devote to spending quality time with Him.

6. Slow Down and Admire the Things God has Created

In order to see what we’re missing in our busy lives, we occasionally must slow down or completely stop. Our time spent with God constitutes some aspects we frequently disregard. We also miss the exquisiteness of the natural world that God created.

Therefore, set aside time to appreciate God’s creation and frequently stay in touch with Him. A straightforward method is to take a chair outside at night and observe the stars. Consider how large and numerous they are; God made everyone.

Worship the Creator, your cherished Father, and take in the beauty of creation.

Get Close to God and Be Welcome in His Arms

There are easy actions we can take in our spiritual journey to become nearer to God. This post gives you a terrific list that you may utilize as a reference to pick the things you should prioritize depending on the stage of your life.

Now that you have some ways of getting close to God carry these methods out and be among those welcomed to the land of the promise. Also, remember to check out some of our other blogs and discover helpful ways to cultivate your faith in tough times.

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