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People in the spiritual sects always prepare for what’s to come as signs of the Second Coming of Christ tend to materialize nowadays.

Jesus rose from the dead three days after he was crucified and buried. His return from the dead is one of the greatest miracles humanity witnessed as faith is restored to some in that dark moment of time. Before He ascended to heaven, He promised that He would come again to gather his people. It is the time to judge everyone who was living and dead.

That was the ancient biblical time. Has it been the time for Jesus to come back? What are the signs of the Second Coming?

In The Resurrection of the Promise in On That Day by Thomas Fitzhugh Sheets, Thomas provides insights into the early American Churches to see how the people stayed faithful to wait for the Second Coming of Christ.

Here are some signs of the Second Coming that the faithful individuals take to ponder:

Calamities and Dreadful Fates of People

The signs of the Second Coming of Christ do not mean all good things will happen. Most of the signs are dreadfully powerful and people would think it is the end of the world. Natural calamities, such as earthquakes, thunder, lightning, hurricanes, and hail storms are signs that the faithful must watch out for. Disease and famines are dreadful fates that people should consider too. These signs let them know that Christ is returning to gather His people.  

 Matthew 24:7 enumerates these signs.

Gospel Restoration

The Restoration of the Gospel blesses the family and kin, healing each relationship and bringing peace. In Revelation 14:6-7, Apostle John the Baptist, a prophet, saw that an angel restored the gospel, bringing light among those who sit in the dark.

Abomination of Desolation

Some dreadful signs of Christ’s return are warnings that people must flee to a safer place. The faithful must find a place and prepare for the desolation. Since the desolation could mean no food and death to the thousands, the faithful must already have their own sacrifices and preparation for the coming days of famine. The books of Matthew and Daniel both have matching warnings to those who read and understand the gospel.

Gospel Preached to All Nations

As Jesus has started, teaching the people with the Word of God should bring enlightenment and peace. All Christian’s mighty goal is to preach the gospel all over the world, and let the people understand the Word, so everyone can be saved from destruction at the end of days.

In Mark 1:14-15, while John was in prison, Jesus still came to Galilee and preached the gospel. All His followers would do the same thing to help Him carry on a legacy that will help save everyone and welcome all to the great Kingdom of God.

Heavenly Signs of the Second Coming

There are other heavenly signs that people should prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus. Blood moon lunar eclipses were written in the Bible to be one of the heavenly signs of the Second Coming. Revelation 6:12 talks about “Sixth Seal: Cosmic Disturbances.” Well, in the book, the blood moon is closely associated with earthquakes, solar eclipses, and meteor rains.

Given that the Bible already contains information about the blood moon, it means that it is a prophecy that whenever the phenomenon happens, we are all closer to witnessing Christ’s return.

While waiting, we could find ways to understand ourselves deeply and know effective ways of getting close to God and His Graces. With this, we can be prepared to relay the message of the gospel and stay connected with our loved ones.

Knowing these signs will help us strengthen our faith as we get to see the reality of what we believe in. Additionally, the coming days are a step closer to witnessing Christ’s promise of coming back and being judged among the living and those who passed.

So, when the day comes for us to see the Second Coming, will we all be worthy of His presence? Ultimately, what we can do now is to prepare, wait, and look for the signs. Our fate is sealed in the gospel.

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