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The Bible mentions five crowns in heaven, which will be given to those who are deserving and have lived meaningfully and in faith.

An integral message in the Bible revolves around honoring those who do good and punishing those who don’t. This is reflected across multiple stories and highlighted in different verses, capturing its essence and importance in human development. In alignment with peace as the ultimate goal, people are expected to act with morality and virtue as priorities. Hence, what’s sprawled in the Bible serves as a reminder of what’s expected from people, His word spotlighting righteousness and how they must serve Him.

While they’re expected to act unconditionally and with the purity of their intentions, people are made aware that their chosen path is an investment. There will be a return depending on how they act, which is generally encompassed in God’s promise of salvation.

What Is Salvation In Christianity?

Throughout everything is salvation. This is another journey people go through beyond the mundanity and their earthly endeavors. Salvation begins once they’re baptized as Christians, their second chance at living a new and purposeful life dedicated to following the divinity. This continues through their lives until the end when they’re given judgment.

Salvation is what Christians can call peace and deliverance. It unravels simultaneously as their bodily experiences work on a different sphere and calls for separate care and management. In matters of spirituality and the completion of their salvation, people are always only reminded of one thing: to live in the image of God. This way, they can be rewarded for their deeds on earth.

Salvation can be perceived as the umbrella concept. It encompasses the end-all-be-all of Christianity and their spiritual journey. However, this is only the bigger picture people will receive after earthly endeavors. Beyond this grandiose, more rewards are given to those who stand before God, bearing the purity of their souls and kindness in their hearts.

These rewards go above the acknowledgment of how they were. Instead, these serve as a triumphant culmination of their effort to be like God.

The Five Crowns In Heaven Handed To Exemplars

Woven across the stories in the Bible are five crowns in heaven that are said to be given to those who are victors against evil. In a world where temptations and sins are ever-present and alluring than ever, people who cultivate goodness must be rewarded. If it were the Middle Ages or years in the past, these individuals would easily be knighted or honored as someone of authority.

In the Bible, such a process also exists.

The scriptures mention five crowns in heaven given in exchange for the goodness in Christians’ characters. These crowns mean a badge of royalty or a symbol of honor figuratively given to people who remain faithful and obedient to His word. Although, upon judgment, Christians won’t receive a physical reward, they’re made to feel recompensed for what they’ve done.

Imperishable Crown

The first of five crowns in heaven is mentioned in 1 Corinthians 9:24-25. It’s defined by comparing runners and the reward they’ll be receiving after. With the analogy of an athlete, the verse spotlights how the first out of the five crowns in heaven will only be given to those who push through, determined to win. Such as, in life, where everyone is going through something, only a certain few who employ the appropriate virtues will be rewarded.

While athletes receive perishable rewards, the Bible gives Christians something that will last, an imperishable reward to last for eternity.

Crown of Righteousness

The crown of righteousness is mentioned in 2 Timothy 4:8. This is the central verse of Thomas Fitzhugh Sheets’ “on that Day: A Trilogy is built around. The verse mentions how the crown of righteousness will be awarded to those who love and anticipate the Second Coming of Christ. This is the primary factor indicative of who is deserving of this crown.

As one of the five crowns in heaven, this is only given to any believers who seek God and his reappearance. How deserving they are depends on how they’re treating His return.

Crown of Life

The third of the five crowns in heaven appears in Revelation 2:10, where it’s mentioned that God gives this to everyone so they don’t fear life and its suffering. This is given to Christians willing to lay themselves for their faith. While it may appear as though this is only limited to martyrdom, it includes individuals who constantly persevere despite hardships. Out of the five crowns in heaven, the crown of life covers a broader factor or concept.

Crown of Rejoicing

This crown focuses on how people accept God’s coming. How do they welcome His return and appearance? Out of the five crowns in heaven, the Crown of Rejoicing revolves around the joy people experience during His return. It’s a call for believers to celebrate and spread His return so more people can be saved.

Crown of Glory

The Crown of Glory is given to leaders and individuals who serve well in their communities and churches. By God’s standards, they deserve the eternal crown of glory. This is for the service they’ve given and their influence on other Christians.

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