Thomas Fitzhugh Sheets, author of On That Day: A Trilogy, is a Christian with God-given wisdom for anyone who firmly believes in Christ.

At 76-year-olds, Thomas Fitzhugh Sheets is a semi-retired businessman who was able to have a reasonably successful career. Today, he resides at Providence Farm in Bedford County, Virginia. He runs a beef cattle business, breeding calves for the feeder industry.

Being a successful semi-retired businessman, Mr. Sheets would have taken the time to relax and vacation. However, he decided to write books about God and the Bible and share the wisdom god gave him. Today, we’ll look deeper at the Thomas Fitzhugh Sheets so readers can get to know him better!

What Prompted Thomas Fitzhugh Sheets to Write His Book?

During one of his conversations with a friend who is a marine chaplain and a retired pastor, his friend said he was “done with the church.” Tom then felt he needed to write On That Day: A Trilogy. His friend understood Mr. Sheets’ current frustrations with the established church’s direction and message.

His friend felt that many individuals also felt the same frustrations. Tom thinks that the church has been hijacked by the crowd who prefers having instant gratification.

With his feeling of wanting to talk about this problem, he wrote three books. On That Day is one of them.

Did Thomas Fitzhugh Sheets Plan to Write a Trilogy?

Mr. Sheets only knew that he is writing a trilogy once he felt compelled to write Book #3. He explains that the common theme between the three books appeared when he underwent the process of becoming a witness to The Faith of the First-Century Church.

Thomas Fitzhugh Sheets realized that Jesus provides everyone with a clear example regarding their faith. We can find this example within the Parable of The Ten Virgins. In the story, the five wise virgins lived in preparation and anticipation for the Bridegroom, which was coming soon.

The five foolish virgins, however, were locked out because they had to go out to buy oil. When they came back, the Bridegroom had arrived and the door is now close.

This book can be the perfect wake-up call for those who follow Jesus’ footsteps. It tells them they must stand their ground and protect their faith. They would also have to be patient until the second coming of Christ and claim God’s promise of everlasting life.

What are the Books That Thomas Fitzhugh Sheets Wrote?

Thomas Fitzhugh Sheets have written three books in total, and he has written them so that people wouldn’t be able to tell how everything would end. Mr. Sheets’ list of books are:

• Book #1 The Death of the Promise
• Book #2 The Resurrection of The Promise
• Book #3 The Land of the Promise

Each book comes from an encompassing inspiration. Take the Synopsis from The Resurrection of The Promise, for example. It talks about how John Wesley existed during the revolutionary war.

He was able to fight against the Church of England and the theology it adhered to while the Colonies battled for our independence. During that time, The Church of England taught everyone that salvation is achievable through “Grace Alone.” This is due to the “Salvation at the instance of conversion,” similar to what churches in America teach today.

Unfortunately, this is bad faith because people would only change their religion thank the promise of salvation. John Wesley believes that this is a weak and heretical doctrine. He also thinks the theology is based on entitlement, which could eventually cause lawlessness and moral decay within the culture and society.

John Wesley believes that the churches are experiencing a gradual descent toward spiritual poverty. The only hope for the ones keeping their faith is never to give up, don’t follow the crowd, and with for Jesus Christ’s second coming.

Faith in the church is something that many of us will end up losing. However, it’s crucial to remain a follower of Christ so that God can save and give you eternal life.

Visit Thomas Fitzhugh Sheets’ website by clicking here, and purchase his book titled On That Day today!

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