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As Christians, we wait to fulfill God’s Promises for us as we wait for the day of the Rapture and find eternal happiness and salvation. 

Thomas Fitzhugh Sheets, author of “on That Day,” shares parables that associate us with the Second Coming of Christ. In his trilogy, he tells us about how we get closer to God’s promises for us. “on That Day” is composed of three books he never thought would become a trilogy:

–         The Death of the Promise

–         The Resurrection of the Promise

–         The Land of the Promise

What are these promises? Do we get to live the day when we see the fulfillment of these promises?

As faithful Christians, we tend to live our lives in the Will of God in the hopes that we witness the day that Christ comes back and gathers us all for the day of judgment. We will all finally experience the Rapture, the eternal happiness promised to us by God.

Here are some of God’s promises that we would experience as we witness the Second Coming of Christ:

The Promise of Abundance

According to Philippians 4:19, God will grant us all the supply we need through the riches in His glory. Those who seek the Kingdom of God will have a life of abundance. If we follow God’s will, we will surely see the day when we have everything, including love, companionship, shelter, food, clothing, and salvation through Jesus Christ.

The Promise of Sufficient Grace

God made His promise that He will shower us with sufficient grace if we seek His name and righteousness. His sufficient grace is not only a promise. It is a gift to the faithful. We become truly faithful when we seek His grace, glory, and might, dedicating them to His people and name. In Romans 5:2, our obedient faith will grant us access to God’s grace.

The Promise of Freedom from Temptations

When we live to witness the Second Coming of Christ, we will experience joy and enlightenment from all the darkness around us. He will gather and judge everyone, including the living and the departed. Those who will enter the gates of Heaven will never experience temptations again, as God promised to break His children away from the chains of temptations. I Corinthians 10:13 states this promise and that God will assure us a way to free us from the grips of temptations.

The Promise of Victory over Death

The Bible already told us about how Jesus resurrected from the dead, three days after his death at the cross. With this, we have been given the promise of victory over death through Jesus. Acts 2:32 and I Corinthians 15 both tell this promise. It may not be a literal victory over death, but it tells us that with the glory of the resurrected Jesus Christ, we can all have salvation from our worldly sins.

The Promise of Goodness and Faith

As Christians, we all do our best to be good and faithful. Even so, we still encounter difficult times in life and incur a challenging way of living. In Romans 8:28, God promised that the faithful will experience goodness in life and that things will work together according to plan. This promise is dedicated to those who live their lives faithfully.

The Promise of Baptism and Salvation

The books of Mark (Mark 16:16) and Acts (Acts 2:38) state that those who seek the name of the Lord will be granted eternal salvation. Through baptism, we wash away our sins and find peace in the glory of God. The faithful always know that God always delivers.

The Promise of Eternal Life

John 10:27-28 tells us that God promised us eternal life. Those who follow Him shall be granted eternal life and shall never perish. Indeed, it tells us that when we follow His name and His will, we get to see what’s beyond the pearly gates and experience bountiful and eternal happiness with Christ.

During the Second Coming of Christ, we will all find ourselves before the Lord, repenting for our sins and receiving the light that will cleanse and replenish our souls of faith. We will then find ourselves living with love and peace in the land of the promise.

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