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Listen to Thomas Fitzhugh Sheets share the God-given wisdom he has earned to help enlighten everyone who believes in Christ.

On that Day: A Trilogy has three books: The Death of the PromiseThe Ressurection of the Promise, and The Land of the Promise. These books’ connection has been finished within the trilogy that centers on possessing firm faith, trusting in Christ’s second coming, and being awarded eternal life.

But how exactly does the author, Thomas Fitzhugh Sheets, construe the Christian life? What did he realize while writing the book? And what does he want his readers to take away from his book?

Who is Thomas Fitzhugh Sheets?

Before discussing how the author outlines the Christian life, let’s get to know him first. Thomas Fitzhugh Sheets is a semi-retired businessman who lives his life to the fullest at 76 years old. Although he never attended college, he was graced by God to have a reasonably successful career.

He now resides at Providence Farm in Bedford County, Virginia, tending to his beef cattle operation as he raises calves for the local feeder market.

How does Thomas Fitzhugh Sheets Describe the Christian Life?

Thomas Fitzhugh Sheets construes the Christian life based on the Parable of the Ten Virgins taken from the verse of Matthew 25: 1 – 13, wherein ten virgins used and brought their lamps to meet the bridegroom. Five of them were wise, but unfortunately, five of them were foolish. Since the five foolish virgins didn’t get any oil with them, they tried asking for some from the wise ones, but they all declined to provide them with some.

Since the bridegroom’s arrival time wasn’t specified, the five foolish virgins decided to go out and get some oil. However, when the foolish virgins were out, the bridegroom arrived. In the end, only the five wise virgins got to meet the bridegroom, while the five foolish virgins weren’t invited to the wedding banquet.

Thomas Fitzhugh Sheets chose this parable to describe a great lesson for every Christian who hasn’t been as diligent with their faith in God, choosing complacency over action. If they do the same thing that the five foolish virgins did, which is not preparing for the bridegroom’s coming, then they won’t be ready for the second coming of Christ. They might get left out and not experience God’s assurance of everlasting life.

On that Day: A Trilogy is the perfect wake-up call for all believers to remind them that their faith needs to be established on solid ground until the second coming of Christ to claim God’s promise of eternal existence.

What Does the Author Want His Readers to Take Away from the Book?

Thomas Fitzhugh Sheets’ story of writing the book started when one of his friends, a retired pastor, and a marine chaplain, blurted out that he was “done with the church.” It was then that he was motivated to write the book. Both of them continued to talk it out. His friend eventually understood his current frustration with the established church’s direction and message, feeling that plenty of other folks also shared the same dissatisfaction.

Thomas believes that the church has been seized, and his heart is pained for those who are lost inside the church. On that Day: A Trilogy is his way of addressing the issue of the church being hijacked.

According to what Thomas said, he didn’t realize he was incited to write book #3 because he didn’t plan to have a trilogy. He said that the common theme appeared to come together as he became a witness to The Faith of the First-Century Church. Thankfully, Jesus provides a clear example of faith in the Parable of The Ten Virgins.

If you have kept the faith, there is now a chance for you to live life righteously, and soon you will meet God, the same way the five wise virgins met the bridegroom. In the same way that Paul instructs preachers and teachers to make all the effort to bring about unity of The Faith in the Body of Christ, Thomas inspires everybody to live their Christian lives properly and thoroughly.

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