The purpose of this book is to bring all that I have written into focus on one thing: that is the rebellion of The Church against The Second Coming of Jesus.  When evangelists do not mention the coming of the Righteous Judge in their salvation messages, they distort God’s Plan Of Salvation to the point of no return.  The true meaning of sin is rebellion against God.  Thus, the omission of this predetermined meeting between God and man is a rebellion against God and creates institutionalized sin in The Church.

Jesus makes this point dramatically in the Parable of the Minas beginning at Luke 19:11. This has far reaching consequences for the culture both inside The Church and in the culture at large.  A morally impure spirit has replaced The Holy Spirit in our churches and has taken charge of government institutions and institutions of higher learning.  Satan, the prince of this world, has so confused good and evil in the culture that it is hard to find the difference and the Light Of The World can hardly be noticed in the darkness.

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