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It can be easy for us to lose our faith during troubling times, so it’s good that there are helpful ways to cultivate your faith during tough times.

Author Thomas Fitzhugh Sheets has written a book titled, The Resurrection of the Promise, which talks about living in preparation and anticipation of the second coming. Cultivating one’s faith is also a part of this preparation because we must remain faithful until Jesus Christ’s Second Coming, where he will judge everybody.

When things are difficult, it may seem like you constantly battle for your life. You can’t help but wonder in these situations if there is anything you can rely on outside of yourself—something you can go to reach that tranquil, consoling sanctuary. And luckily, there is.

Read on as we discuss helpful ways to keep your faith growing amidst any hardship you are facing.

Practice Patience While Awaiting Jesus Christ’s Resurrection

It can be discouraging when things don’t change immediately in a world that values rapid gratification. The likelihood is that the challenging aspects of your life won’t magically disappear.

There may still be days when you lack the motivation to climb out of bed, your heart will occasionally ache, and there will be times when your fear will overcome you. These are not signals to give up, so don’t worry.

The journey—the long, painful journey—has beauty to be discovered within it. A butterfly is not supposed to emerge from its cocoon with its wings open; a flower seedling is not intended to blossom in a single day. Utilize the opportunity to calm down and accept each day as it comes by taking cues from nature.

Offer Yourself to Serve Others for God’s Promise

It has no meaning if you don’t spread your joy of faith. Serving others can be among the most inspiring ways to cultivate your faith when things are hard. There are times to look after yourself and times to look out for others.

Don’t pass up the chance for either. It may be most important to assist those in need while experiencing difficulty. You understand people and where they’re coming from better because you know what it’s like not to have everything in your life working like a fine-tuned machine.

Human suffering importantly unites people and is a universal experience. Serving others while you are going through a difficult time helps your soul, mind, and body realize that there is more to life than your suffering. It puts things in perspective and shows that something is bigger at work than you can comprehend.

The Resurrection of the Promise is Thomas Fitzhugh Sheets’ way of helping others cultivate faith properly.

Allow Yourself to Be Vulnerable and Hope for God’s Help

Everyone deals with difficult situations in life in their unique way. Some turn to others, relying on their social networks to sustain them and help them overcome difficult times.

Others are more likely to withdraw within themselves, turning into hermits huddled up in their personal space. This can be detrimental because their obstinate belief that they can get through the difficult times alone can put them in harm’s way.

If the latter describes you, it’s time to quit keeping to yourself and open up to the benefits of being vulnerable with others. Even though it’s difficult, maintaining relationships with family members, friends, members of your religious community, or others who have experience on your journey can help you enjoy the calming effects of a loving community.

Although it can be beneficial in the appropriate circumstances, this does not require you to unload your innermost pains and worries. However, it does need you to attend and be there with others.

Follow These Helpful Ways to Cultivate Your Faith

No man is an island. God did not create us to be loners and to suffer an existence devoid of connections to Him and others. If you wish to cultivate your faith, then you need to follow the tips we’ve prepared here.

You can also read The Resurrection of the Promise by Thomas Fitzhugh Sheets, found in his book On That Day, to learn more about preparing for Jesus Christ’s second coming. We encourage you to read some of our blogs and learn how humans can be saved through genuine repentance!

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